Prague’s Best Places to Drink: 2019 Edition


Prague literally has countless beer halls, pubs, wine shops, cocktail lounges, and beer gardens. It’s impossible to walk more than a couple hundred feet without passing a local watering hole. Sprinkled all throughout the city are cave-like bars that are centuries old, tiny pubs with no more than three tables, sophisticated craft cocktail bars, and massive clubs. In other words, there is something for everyone.

The nightlife in the Czech capital is among the liveliest in Europe, and it only continues to get better. Whether you’re in the mood for a frothy Czech pilsner or a swanky hand-shaken martini, get ready for a night out because these are the spots in Prague that you can’t miss.


Hemingway Bar
Hemingway Bar is hands down my favorite bar on the planet. I’ve been a loyal patron to this tiny, incredible cocktail bar since 2013. The craftsmanship of its drinks, and the professionalism, creativity, and passion of its bartenders is absolutely unparalleled. Go to Hemingway Bar, get the lavender martini, and tell them Candi says hi. Reservations are required.


Located in Prague’s adorable Letna area, this trendy bar is a great place to go for a good cocktail and great vibes. During the day, this bistro cranks out some delicious bites, but by night, it’s one of the best places in town to grab a drink.


U Sudu
There are plenty of underground bars in Prague, but U Sudu is one of the most unique. The smoky inside of this old cellar is a bunch of interconnected rooms (don’t get lost!), which offer the best of drinking, dancing, and foosball.


James Dean
James Dean, located right in the center of Prague, is one of the city’s most popular music clubs. During the day, this 50’s-style diner serves up American cuisine, but by night, it becomes a busy nightclub. The lounge is on the top floor. The dance floor is underground.


Chapeau Rouge
Chapeau Rouge’s dark, grungy atmosphere and eclectic crowd make it one of the best people watching places in Prague.  Some of my wildest nights have been in this bar.


Located right off Prague’s busy bar street, Dlouha, Tretter’s New York Bar provides a welcoming blast from the past. Cocktails are the specialty at this classy establishment, which has been owned and operated by the same family for over 90 years.


Prague Beer Museum
With 30 different taps and endless offerings of Czech beer, Prague Beer Museum is a great place to taste different offerings of phenomenal beer from the Czech Republic. Grab a seat by the window for optimal people-watching opportunities.


Pivovar Lod
Pivovar Lod is Prague’s most unique brewery because it is on a boat. Not only do they offer incredible beers, but their food is really tasty. You won’t regret a visit to Pivovar Lod.


Bar 23
Although tiny, this bar packs a punch. Bar 23 has cold beer, expertly mixed cocktails, and cozy surroundings. It’s a great place to duck in, have a drink or two, and mix with the locals.


At this incredibly fun, but incredibly tourist-oriented establishment, drinks are delivered by train. It may sound cheesy, but there is so much joy and excitement in getting your beer delivered by train. The system is incredibly smart: You order your drinks from a server, the bartender fills the order, places the drinks on the train, and then programs it to deliver them directly in front of your table.


Letna Park
Hidden along the winding paths of Letna Park, the seasonal Letna Park Beer Garden is one of my favorite spots in the city. Cheap beers, fresh air, lush greenery, and incredible views make this a must for anyone visiting Prague from early spring until late fall.

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