Prague’s Best Cafes: 2019 Edition


Prague is revered as one of the top ten most beautiful cities in the world.  And for good reason – it is a hub of culture and history. However, very little is known about its bustling café scene.

Ever since I started working remotely, coffee shops and cafes have become a vital part of my time in every place I visit. Not only do I take coffee seriously, but I take the space in which to enjoy it seriously, too. After espresso-ing (and working) my way around the cafes in Prague, these are my absolute faves.


Tri Café
The hip, tasty, and totally Instagrammable Tri Café is located on Anenské Square, one of Prague’s less-chaotic areas in the tourist zone. Immediately upon entering, you feel a sense of home. This well-hidden place specializes in specialty coffees and drinks (including a beetroot latte) and even has gluten-free pastry options.


Café Orient
Prague’s cubist café is an absolute charmer, and a wonderful place to stop for an afternoon snack and caffeine buzz. Before climbing up the stairs to enter the café, make sure to look up the center of the staircase – it’s shaped like a light bulb!


The Farm
Nestled in the adorable Letna area of Prague, this café features locally sourced coffee and fresh seasonal plates. It also boasts one of the best brunch atmospheres in the city.


Republica Coffee
Great coffee, great service, and a relaxing atmosphere make Republica Coffee one of the most inviting coffee shops in town. Here, you can feel comfortable grabbing an espresso on the run, reading a book, or getting some work done. It also has the best iced latte in the city.


Café Letka
This cute café in Prague 7 is cozy, photogenic, and carries gourmet coffee worthy of any coffee snob’s approval. Its menu is very limited, but the yummy dishes sure aren’t lacking flavor.  At Café Letka, the vibes are good, the coffee is delicious, and the cocktails are strong.


Café Savoy
Located on the west bank of the Vltava, Café Savoy is one of Prague’s most iconic cafes. This Art Nouveau café first opened its doors in 1893. In 2001, it underwent a massive renovation to restore it to its original beauty. This airy café offers light and local dishes and is a favorite among locals.


Coco Van
I had a tough time deciding if I should share this special hidden gem with the world because it’s so hidden and so special. Tucked in a shaded area on Strelecky Island is a small mobile café in a van with talented baristas working inside. Directly outside the van is a well-setup bohemian-style outdoor seating area that begs you to sit back and relax while drinking an incredible coconut coffee. I recommend checking its Instagram or Facebook for its location before heading out to find this adorable moving café.


Styl & Interier
Located behind a design shop with the same owners, this boutique cafe is a charming green space in the center of the city that proudly serves fresh ingredients and local coffee. Plus, if you fancy the decor – you can buy it!

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